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Iron Pigs

August 19, 2009

A few days ago I attended a baseball game. The Rochester Red Wings hosted the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. No, the Red Wings did not play a team of mechanized porkers, they looked like regular ball players to me.
As I sat there cheering the Wings on with my grandsons, son, and daughter in law I began to think about alchemy. Back in the day, some so called scientists claimed they could convert ordinary metal like iron pigs into gold ingots. There were serious efforts to do this with not so hot results.
In fact it did not work…..did the saying “Like putting lipstick on a pig” originate from this failed chemistry experiment?
Alchemy type baloney is not exclusive to the dark ages. We often hear this kind of stuff today. For example a trillion dollars additional national debt is really a way of cutting the cost of health care. Come on, paying for health insurance for 46 million more people is going to add to the cost of health care. Increasing the demand for a product without increasing the supply(more doctors, more hospitals) will cause a price rise independent of what our government spends. Let’s see, what would reduce or keep the price the same….hmm….rationing anyone? refusal of medical care for older folks? (full disclosure, I am an older folk)
The modern alchemy: the government can defy the laws of economics because ….well because it can. Since government is Force, it becomes “she who must be obeyed” and it will do as it wishes.

Read the consititution of the United States, your will find comfort there.