This blog will reflect what I am interested in using my humor filter. Being a wise guy means that I think some things are funny that others do not. Take my wife………she thinks I am not funny but she never reads my blog. I think I am funny and I do read my blog. Whether other readers find my blogs humorous remains to be seen.

My first post is a tribute to my brother who never failed to encourage me to write something – anything – he will never see this blog but his spirit drives me to do it.

My experience includes many years working as an account manager in the printing industry. For the most part the work has been satisfying and educational. I have learned to build lasting relationships, value my customers, and be honest with myself and others. My work has taught me to be trustworthy and loyal, qualities that any good boy scout has learned at a young age. I must say that I am not a rock star salesman, since most rock stars are drug addled narcissists.

In addition to work I have taught religious education to 4th and 8th grader, lead youth group retreats, and played guitar in and sung in music groups. This kind of work has kindled my interest in being of service in the education field and I have recently been certified a Teaching Assistant Level I in New York State.

I am married with three children who have presented me with 7 grandsons who are my life’s delight.

If you enjoy my posts, please do not hesitate to comment, especially if you have constructive criticism.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa Gill Says:

    Daddy’s funny!!! 🙂 Love the blog!

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